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Although a huge number of factors can be taken into account in motor racing, there is no doubt that Formula 1 is the king of motor racing, even if we do not have any Spanish champions at present.

F1 racing tours different parts of the planet, generally between March and November, and has thousands of followers. To understand how to bet on Formula 1, you need to watch several races and take note, not only of the Sunday races, but also of the practice sessions, which normally begin on Fridays, and the qualifying laps (Saturday).

Otherwise, the main alternatives are to bet on the winner of the Grand Prix, or on which of the drivers will be among the first six places, or on the podium, or who will drive the fastest lap, the margin between the winner and the second place, the fastest driver in the rankings or even on the first driver to abandon the race.

Do not forget that something may happen at the moment you least expect and affect the outcome of the race. Being aware of the type of circuit and of the weather conditions can also be decisive.


• The winner of the race.

• The winner of the championiship.

• The winning team of the race or the winning team of the championship.

• The final line-up on the podium, on who finishes in the points.

• The official practices, and sometimes even on the free practices.

• Head-to-head

• Who will fail to finish the race.


The World Championship is divided into three categories: MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. The most important is MotoGP, normally held between March and November, the same as Formula 1.
Information relating to the circuit and the climate is one of the key things to take into account if you are about to bet on MotoGP. Other factors are the strengths and weaknesses of each rider in relation to the characteristics of each circuit. The choices available for betting are quite similar to those offered by F1 operators, but as the course of a race can change dramatically at any given moment, refocusing and refining your prior analysis is recommended.

• The championiship

• (The winner )

• Individual races

• (Winner of the Grand Prix)

• Final position / Final qualifying position

• (Betting on the position a rider finishes in)

• Rider comparison

• (Picking two riders and betting on one to be placed above the other)

• Championship groups /Championship comparisons

The winner will be the rider who has scored the highest number of points (following the podium presentation at the end of the final race of the season). No subsequent appeal will be taken into account. If there is a tie for first place, the dead heat rules will apply, at least until the result has been decided according to the rules of the competition.

• Qualifying - Fastest

• Qualifying - Fastest - Comparisons

Options for the first lap.

The bets will be decided after the first complete lap of the original race, based on the first rider to cross the finishing line, not counting false starts. In addition, any other official resumption of the race will be ignored, unless a lap was not completed in the original race. In this case, the bets will be determined on the basis of the first lap to be completed.

Winning margin

Number of riders placed

Group bets - Race

The winner will be the rider who has achieved the highest place at the time of the podium presentation. If none of the riders in the group is placed, the rider who has completed the greatest number of laps will be regarded as the winner.

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