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See more information on each sport and find out more on how to bet on each of them

Though less widely known than football, it is one of the most popular sports in the world thanks to its adrenalin rush, its unpredictability and its furious pace.

The top league is the NBA, but the game also has a significant presence in Europe.

Eurobasket is an especially exciting tournament, while the World Cup and the Olympic Games are the two most prestigious championiships. 

Unlike other sports, in basket ball there is no such thing as a draw, so the number of possible results comes down to two. 

The possibilities for betting on basketball are: The team to win the match, the margin of victory, whether extra time will be needed, the leader at half time and at full time, the handicap and the scoreline (more/less than X points in total).

It is important to check every week what is happening in your chosen leagues and competitions: Check the results, leading scorers of goals, rebounds or assists (it is vital to study the statistics), injuries, length of breaks between games and how each team responds when required to play closely consecutive games. 

Clearly, there are many factors to study in the run-up to a match, and special tactics and systems exist for this purpose: Betting against the form, using the handicap to bet on a favourite, betting against a team that played a few days, or a few hours, ago.

As in all sports, in American Football statistics play an important part, and it is essential to know the teams, and to start analysing them a month or so before the competition starts.

The three most popular bets in American Football are: Picking the winner of the match, betting on the handicap and betting on the number of points scored.

Unlike football for example, in American Football, the game is designed so that there is no such thing as a draw.

The NFL (the most important league) consists of two groups: The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

Each group is divided in turn into four divisions, each with four teams, (making a total of 32 teams).

Every February when the season and the play-offs have finished, the grand final of the season is held: The Super Bowl, watched by millions of people, not only in the USA, but all over the world.

This is the most ‘latinised’ American sport, thanks to its long tradition in Central America. 

When placing a bet, you have to distinguish between two aspects of play: batting innings and bowling innings.

In the batting innings, the objective is to score runs, which will give the victory to one team or the other. The team’s form with the bat, particularly in their recent matches, counts for a great deal. 

The position of the players in the batting order is fixed before the start of the match, with the two fastest at the top of the list. The aim is to score bases in these first innings.

Good runner-batter coordination can win lots of extra points. Another important aspect, as this is an American sport, is the number of matches played over a short period of time. 

In baseball matches, the same teams can face one another on 3 consecutive days, so it is worth reviewing the results of encounters on the previous day, or days, when predicting the winning team.

Boxing is a sport known for its excitement, momentum, changes of pace and extreme tension. 

The punter may be tempted to place a bet on the winner, but other options can occasionally turn out to be be more profitable, including the well-known Over/Under (More/Less than ‘X’ number of rounds), whether a boxer will go the distance, how the fight will be decided (referee’s decision, knockout, draw, etc.) or whether either of the boxers will fall. 

You can even bet on whether one of the boxers will win within the first 60 seconds.

A true spectacle...

This is a sport in which anything can happen, right up to the last minute. For this reason, the most popular bets are those on over ‘x’ number of goals and double bets, but they are always placed on the non-favourite team.  

It is worth taking into account the rule that when there is a sending-off, the sent-off player’s team must play with one man down for two minutes, unless a goal is scored against them within 2 minutes. 

On the other hand, there is the fact that the sixth foul committed by one team during one half is punished by a double penalty, adding options for winning on this very popular ‘over’ bet. 

We choose the double result option when a non-favourite mid-table local team plays at home against a favourite team. 

The main disadvantage with this sport is the small range of events, as in the Spanish League, bets are only taken on División de Honor games.

Handball is a sport known for its fast pace and high goal-scoring.

Fast, attacking, physical play and many shots at goal by any of a team’s seven players (6 field players and 1 goalkeeper) make for great excitement as the two teams battle for victory over two 30-minute halves.

As always, knowledge is of supreme importance; and as with football, tennis or Formula 1, it is essential to find out as much as possible about the teams involved.

Handball has certain interesting aspects: The teams, the general fitness of the players, acute injuries, suspensions, whether the game is at home or away, a change of trainer and other relevant facts can all significantly affect the outcome of the game.

This is an established sport in northern Europe. The potential bets in ice hockey are fairly restricted, the main ones being:

1. Winner of either half of the game.

2. Total number of goals scored in one half.

3. Winner at the end of the game, with a possible variant of a bet on the winner at the end of the game, including extra time and penalties.

4. Which team will have the first player sent off.

5. The total number of goals in the game.

The cycling season falls between May and September, the time of year when Europe enjoys the best of its weather. This is when the Grand Tours take place: The Tour of Italy, the Tour de France and the Tour of Spain.

Given the eventful and unpredictable nature of cycling, it is an ideal sport for live betting.

Apart from the final result, bets on a cycle race can be placed on the margin between the winner and the second-placed rider or on the winner of each section in the mountain stage.

Also popular is the bet known as the ‘head to head’, in which the punter has to pick a winner from among the placed riders.

Volleyball is played by two teams of six players on a pitch divided by a net.

The object of the game is to get the ball over the net into the other team’s court, so that it hits the ground before the other team can deflect it.

Each team has three attempts at returning the ball which is brought into play by a shot made over the net by the opposing team’s server.

When the receiving team wins a rally, it wins a chance to serve and the players move one position to the right.

To bet on volleyball, you need a good knowledge of the game.

When the serving team wins a point, it also wins the chance to serve again. The ball must not touch the net during the service. A game is played until 21 points, or another agreed total, have been scored. The team that wins two out of the three games wins the match.

Badminton was an exhibition sport at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, and became a full Olympic sport at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

In Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand it is considered the national sport.

The work of an enormous number of people has contributed to badminton’s rise in popularity in Spain, making it probably one of the 7 most played sports in the country, with a Spanish World and Olympic champion.

Darts became popular in bars and pubs in Great Britain during the last century. The United States also enthusiastically adopted this sport, particularly after the Second World War, and during the 1970s it became so popular that the tournaments started to be shown on TV.

One of the main deciding factors in darts is confidence, so it is vital to know how the players are feeling in the lead-up to a match.

Of course, skill and technique play a key role, but the fact is that at the highest level, there are no great differences between the players in these areas, so the emotional element becomes crucial.

There is no doubt that the most enjoyable way to bet on darts is in real time, as the match can change direction within a few seconds.

Before the match, you can bet on the eventual winner (of the match or the tournament), on the checkout, the score coming down to zero, the total number of rounds, the first score of 180...

There are also handicap bets on the variations played with sets, with 2 or 3 options.

In the most prestigious tournaments, both players begin the match with 501 points, and the aim of each player is to reduce his/her score to zero, with 180 being the highest score possible from a single throw.

A basic requirement for the punter is to have to hand a record of the scoring statistics for each player on whom you are thinking of betting, especially with live betting, so that you have available as much information as possible to enable you to make a fast and well-judged decision.

Australian football emerged in the mid-nineteenth century as an informal game played by Irish miners and agricultural workers.

In 1858, Thomas Wills and Hensry Harrison began organising the first official games, which soon grew in popularity, and they drew up the first set of rules.

Australian football is the main winter sport of the states of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.

The field of play has an oval shape, and the rules place no restrictions on the positions of the players, although they normally take attacking or defensive positions.

As in all sports, the aim is to score as many (or if possible, more) points than the opposing team. The total score consists of the number of goals and the number of ‘behinds’ scored during a game.

A team is made up of 22 players, although only 18 are on the field at any one time. They take up positions all over the field, though generally marking an opponent.

The game is divided into four 20-minute periods of regular time, plus injury time if applicable. In the case of a draw, there is no extra time.

The ball is very similar to a rugby ball: it is oval, made of leather, and may be either red or yellow.

Golf is one of the most celebrated sports in the world, and is attractive to those who like to bet, as there are interesting odds and at the same time it is so easy to find information, statistics and results on the Internet.

The four most important tournaments are the Augusta Masters (April), the U.S. Open (June), the British Open (July) and the PGA Championship (August).

There is a great range of bets available in golf, both in the four principal tournaments, which together are known as the Grand Slam, and in other competitions.

These include: The final winner, the best U.S.A. golfer, best British golfer, best European golfer, whether a player will finish in the first 3, 5, 10 or 20 places, the margin of victory of the winner, who will be the leader at the end of the first day, or whether a particular golfer will make the cut.

In all cases, the field work put in by the punter in the lead-up to the event is crucial to inceasing the chances of success.

In order to win, you need a thorough understanding of this sport with its great British pedigree, and its legions of fans in the United States, and it is essential to know as much about the players as possible, their strengths, weaknesses, their track records, how they react under pressure, how they perform when they are in the lead, what style they use in a given situation and their current physical and mental state, as well as the statistical information.

Unlike other sports, golf proceeds at a leisurely pace, so that punters have time to consider before placing their bets, but it is essential to be watching the event live.

Although less popular than some other sports, rugby has thousands of fans all over the world. In some countries it is especially strong: Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), Oceania (with New Zealand and Australia at the top of the list), South Africa and France.

In the Americas, Argentina is one of the countries with the strongest tradition and the greatest success at team level.

It is essential to bear in mind that there are two types of rugby: Rugby Union and Rugby League, with different and totally separate rules.

The main differences are that Rugby Union teams have 15 players, as opposed to 13 in Rugby League, and in Rugby League the players do not form ‘rucks’ in order to win the ball, there are no ‘lineouts’ when the ball goes off the field, and a try is worth 4 points (in Rugby Union it is worth 5).

There are many betting options, starting with a bet on the winner and continuing with other variations.

To take advantage of the numerous betting options offered by rugby, it is essential to appreciate the value of analysis prior to the game.

To begin betting on rugby, we recommend that you choose a league, study it, and get to know the teams and the players.

Rugby is also a more physically demanding sport than many others, so it is worth taking into account the time needed for players to recover between one match and the next.

Snooker and billiards are traditional English games, whose first World Championship took place in 1927, (three years before the first football World Cup).

In Spain, the number of fans has grown considerably in recent years.

As in almost all sports, betting on snooker requires certain skills, the most fundamental being: Knowing the players and understanding their frame of mind at any given time.

Snooker is a game that demands great concentration, patience, technique, daring and precision.

The result of a match can be decided by something apparently very trivial. It is vital to recognise when a player is going through a good or bad spell, besides which experience plays a crucial role in decision making, so that we can judge accurately when a player is nervous, calm, unsettled, confident, etc.

Knowing the players and being able to analyse their individual styles is very useful for live betting.

The most prestigious competitions are still the United Kingdom Championship, the Masters and the World Championship.

It is possible to bet on who will win a match, on the exact result, on how many frames will be played, (10 or 12, for example), and on whether there will be a break of 147 (the maximum score possible in one break), as well as handicap bets.

There is a huge range of ‘live’ bets, including on the winner of the next frame, or on who will pocket the next ball.

Snooker is a game that can change dramatically in a matter of seconds, so that to bet successfully (especially when betting live) it is crucial to attune yourself and to learn to interpret what you are seeing.

Waterpolo or aquatic polo is a sport played between two teams in a swimming pool.

The objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible in the opposing team’s goal in the time allowed.

The teams play in the water, and each team consists of 6 players and a goalkeeper. They are distinguished by the colour of their caps, usually white for the home team, blue for the visiting team, and red for the goalkeepers.

There are rules regarding fouls, temporary sendings-off and permanent sendings-off. A game is divided into four 8-minute playing periods (i.e. when the ball is in play).

The rules do not allow the players to step onto the floor of the swimming pool, although the pool is usually too deep anyway, but must spend the whole match afloat, which expends a great deal of energy.

A team is allowed 30 seconds in possession of the ball before making a shot at the opposing team’s goal.

Winter sports are those that take place on snow or ice, either naturally occurring or artificially created.

They are normally played during the winter months, hence their name.

The most common winter sports are Skating (Figure or Speed Skating), Ski-ing (Downhill or Cross-Country), Snowboarding and Snowmobile racing.

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